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My four year old daughter and I have participated in the music together program since she was one. It has been such an enriching experience for us. Teacher Heather and Teacher Jen are both gifted teachers who help bring the songs on the CDs to life. We love learning and practicing at home the hand movements and signs that go along with many songs. It has been great for me as a parent, not being very musically inclined, to learn songs that we can sing on the go anywhere, and of course my daughter loves it! Thanks Teacher Jen and Teacher Heather and for the music together curriculum.

Shannon R

"Our daughter who is a year and a half has been in two music together classes so far.  She mostly observes during class time and is hesitant to participate unless there are scarves or instruments present. I was wondering how much she was enjoying the class, but quickly learned one day when I came out into the living room and she was trying to arrange one of her toys in a seated position. I watched as she then sat opposite the animal and started patting her legs like we do at the start of every class during "Hello Everybody"! Once I realized what she was doing I sat down and we sang the song waving at her toys as we wished them hello. She had the biggest smile on her face! Since then we have enjoyed singing many of the songs from class which she asks for by doing one or more of the movements from the song. Needless to say I don't wonder if she enjoys class anymore!"

Ursula R.